Kisan Tyres
Brand Development

Project Brief

KISAN TYRES is the well-known face of Tyre retailers in Western Maharashtra. Incorporated in 1987, Kisan Tyres offer a range of services for vehicles of all shapes and sizes at the Showroom cum Service Centre in the heart of the city.

Kisan Tyres approahed Thirsty Fishh in September 2019. The agreement was signed to work for Brand Development, Market their Franchise and Consult on Social Media. Thirsty Fishh has rebranded their business and helped them move into the digital marketing and sales arena.

  • Client:Kisan Tyres
  • Discipline:Rebrand Consultancy, Website Design, Social Media Strategy
  • Date:01 September 2020
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Results achieved

We are consulting since September 2019 and has taken the brand a step ahead!

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Franchise Sold
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